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Brooklyn: For Real is a collection of mockumentary shorts that skewers the narcissism, ignorance, and lack of self-awareness rampant among a particular subset of creative types. These characters strive to change the world, but even more importantly, they want you to know about it. Each beautifully shot vignette is a heart-wrenching challenge to the viewer: Can you stomach this person for three and a half minutes?


Daniel Solé is a screenwriter, filmmaker, and editor residing in - you guessed it - Brooklyn, New York. After writing several scripts, he decided he'd like to hear his words coming out of the mouths of real actors, and stepped into the role of Director. This led to the creation of Brooklyn: For Real, which garnered a handful of positive reviews. He is now working to produce another series of shorts, one that takes place in a far less obnoxious part of Brooklyn.


You can contact Daniel at



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